18 in. Doll Sweater, Hat and Mittens Knitting Pattern
and Stuffed Doll, Bear & Bunny and Sheep

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Every girl, young and old, will enjoy knitting the great looking sweater, hat and mittens for their favorite "American Girl" type 18 inch doll.

Pattern alone - $5.00

This pattern can be mailed to you or sent as an e-mail attachment (pdf. file) using Adobe Acrobat Reader to print on your computer. A shipping charge will show on the order form but will NOT be charged to your credit card.

The full set, sweater, hat and mittens, takes less than 4 ounces of sport weight yarn. You may order the exact amount for this set in a kit of 2 colors.

18 in. Doll Sweater kit includes: your choice of sport weight main color, one of the Marr Haven Heathers: Blue, Burgundy, Green, Lilac or Light Heather or Marr Haven 100% chemical free Light Grey or Medium Grey plus 100% chemical free Marr Haven Natural for the heart design and the pattern.

Doll Sweater Kit - $14.50
Main Color:

The 8 page Pattern Booklet is $6.95


Bunny, Bear and Ballerina
booklet is a really cute way to use up little bits of left over yarn. It is always nice to have a small project to work on in-between those sweaters, etc.

This is an 8 page booklet with directions to make the ballerina, a bear or a bunny with attached ballet slippers and tutu. There are 3 options included for the design of the skirt, as well as, instructions to make the bear or bunny without attached clothes.

Sport weight is the suggested yarn weight knit with DP size 5 needles, that would use 50 yards for the dress and shoes plus 50 yards for the body, 30 yards for hair and 15 yards for contrast design in the skirt. They are stuffed after knitting.

Knit then Felt a Flock You can have sheep; no baa-ing nor hay to feed. Knit with worsted weight yarn, approximate gauge of 13-14 st = 1 inch, size 10-10 1/2 needle. Felt in a washing machine, dry and stuff (felting instructions are in pattern)..

The amount of felting will determine the finished size of the sheep. Marr Haven wool yarn takes longer to felt than commercial wool yarns because it is 100% fine grade wool.

A FELT FLOCK, Pattern is $6.00

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