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Merino and Rambouillet are the two breeds of sheep recognized internationally for soft wool.
Marr Haven Fine Grade Wool Yarn comes from our Merino-Rambouillet sheep, you can feel and see the luxurious softness.
As explained below, our yarn is 100% Chemical Free and can be classed as '
Organic Wool & Yarn.

We sold our flock so Marr Haven Merino Rambouillet Wool Yarn is now in limited supply.

We will keep this webpage up to date with the yarn available, when a color sells out it will be removed from the order chart.

Marr Haven Wool Yarn is mule spun, to keep the natural elasticity of the wool fibers. This not only improves the look of your garments but gives them a better feel and longer wearability. You can learn more about the mule spinner in the Frequently Asked Questions

How our fine-grade wool is processed into Marr Haven Wool Yarn. After the sheep were shorn, the wool is "skirted"; poor quality, stained or weak fibers, are removed from each fleece. The cleaning process used on our wool is called "scouring"; only soap, water and salt. We believe the scouring process, which retains some lanolin, is better for the wool fibers than a carbonization process. The next step, called "carding", combs the wool into "roving" for spinning into yarn.

It is difficult to show true color on every monitor, the only color that may cause confusion is the Burgundy Heather. The name of the dye for this color is Burgundy, however the actual shade of the yarn is more a deep rose color.

Any pattern that uses worsted weight or sport weight can be made with Marr Haven Fine Wool Yarn, or you can order knitting and crochet patterns plus Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks from us. Average stitch gauge for worsted weight is 4 1/2 stitches per inch on size 8 needles. Stitch gauge for sport weight is 6 1/2 stitches per inch on size 5 needles.

Since our Worsted wt. yarn is sold out, many knitters (including myself) are using 2 strands of Marr Haven Sport and successfully getting correct gauge for a worsted weight pattern.

We do have worsted weight skeins available in Hand Dyed Colorways.

To Order Color Cards for the sport cones.

The worsted weight yarn left is shown on this page Hand Dyed Worsted Wt. Yarnand on this page more Hand Dyed Wor. Wt. Yarn Sport wt. 16 ounce cone of 1750 yards is $34.00
Sport Cone Color:
Sport wt. 4 ounce cake of 437 yards is $9.00
Sport Cake Color:

The sport yarn is on a cone which eliminates balling of skeins and possible tangling when knitting. One sport weight cone is 16 ounces, 1,750 yards, enough to make an average adult long sleeved sport weight pullover sweater. The sport cones can be used on knitting machines as readily as hand knitting or crochet. Yarn on the cone is temporarily stretched and appears thinner; it will loft to true weight if left off the cone for a short period. We suggest you make a small swatch and wash the swatch to get your actual stitch gauge before starting your project. It is not necessary to wash all the yarn before knitting, weaving or crochet. I try to keep a few cakes of sport weight yarn ready to send out immediately, if the color is not shown I can ball off a cake for you if you can wait for a couple of extra days.

Read a review of Marr Haven yarn on the Knitter's Review website. Also, the Yarn Harlot has a comment on her blog about knitting with our yarn. Our Natural, Light Grey and Medium Grey may be used to dye your own colors. We use Jacquard Dyes for our own color creations. See the moebius (at the bottom of the page) knit with worsted weight.

We used practices with our sheep and the farm that are environmentally sustainable. However, we do not pay to use the term organic. If you would like more information, please read about organic wool here.


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